Video projects

The practice of public archaeology requires a popular, accessible medium. One that targets educated adults who vote and spend money, in a way that doesn’t insult their intelligence, but fires them up about the ways that archaeology can answer important questions about the world they inhabit. They need to know there is more to it than digging, and that what we are digging for is not buried treasure, or for profit, but important clues in a larger puzzle.

the conservation archaeologist

Is Nature natural? Humans have been modifying the landscapes around us for millennia, and what we often perceive as a “natural landscape” is actually the result of centuries of human-directed land management. If nature conservation is about maintaining and restoring natural habitats, archaeology helps us understand how habitats were maintained in the past and where the boundary lies between what is “natural” and what is “cultural”.

Commercial work

Businesses that support heritage, preservation, and conservation need support too. Here are a couple of short promotional videos I created for two businesses who share my values: Nate’s Rogue Adventures, an outfitter based in Bend, Oregon, and the Shady Spruce Hostel in Missoula, Montana.

Need help with a video project?

I am available for public outreach and heritage projects of all kinds. Have a NEPA or NHPA contract with a public engagement component? Video is an excellent way for your heritage or conservation business or organization to reach a broad audience.